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No Reason

No Reason originates from Galesburg, Illinois and performs atmospheric, folk-pop pieces from a diverse range of artists including Jackson Browne, Neil Young, David Bowie, REM, Bonnie Raitt, The Eagles, Radiohead, Cat Stevens, Crowded House, Graham Parsons and Crosby Stills Nash and Young, to name just a few. No Reason also performs original compositions. The musicians of No Reason include Jon Wellerdieck: guitar, vocals and viola; Dan Yasenko: vocals, percussion and guitar; Jim Lindberg: resophonic guitar; Tammy Rankin: mandolin and vocals, and George Mehall: vocals and guitar.  The material performed by No Reason spans four decades and can be enjoyed by a listening audience of almost any age.

No Reason performs regularly at community functions such as Galesburg’s Art in the Park, Relay for Life, and Café in the Park and the annual fundraiser for the Safe Harbor Family Crisis Center . In addition, you may catch the duo performing at a variety of functions scheduled by the Galva Arts Council of Galva, Illinois. 

No Reason also appears regularly at Vintages Tasting Room and the Fat Fish Pub, both of which are located in Galesburg, Illinois.  You can also enjoy No Reason at the Market Alley Wines in Monmouth.

No Reason is available for private parties, wedding ceremonies or any celebrations or events made richer through music.  For more information about No Reason or to book a performance, phone (309) 342-4812 or connect at Noreason Galesburg on Facebook or email to:  dyasenko@gmail.com

Jon Wellerdieck

“When I first heard Jackson Browne’s album, “For Everyman” in the mid-seventies, I fell in love with it right away.  Being a violin player myself, I especially appreciated David Lindley’s playing, which was featured throughout the album. I learned both “For a Dancer” and “Before the Deluge.”   My love of these songs are what connected me with Dan at Galesburg’s unplugged 20 years later after I had moved from the Netherlands to America.

When I am at home, I like to listen and pick along with singer/songwriters such as Greg Brown, John Gorka and Ellis Paul.” - Jon Wellerdieck

Dan Yasenko

Being the youngest of six children, I was exposed to a wide range of music ranging from hard rock, pop and the singer/songwriter genre of artists.  My circle of friends in high school and college broadened my musical influences to include avant-garde and alternative music. If I had to choose the four artists who were most influential for me, they would be David Bowie, Jackson Browne, Neil Finn, and Joni Mitchell.  However, my friends continue to keep me abreast of new artists as they surface.  I feel very fortunate to be a part of the local music scene here in good-old Galesburg, Illinois. Were it not for the weekly Galesburg Unplugged, hosted by Charlie Hayes, I would not have met Jon, nor would I have had the chance to play with so many talented, area musicians. -  Dan Yasenko  

Tammy Rankin (lead and harmony vocals, mandolin)

Tammy Rankin (lead and harmony vocals, mandolin) -  Rankin’s fondness for traditional and bluegrass music has added an “alt country” flavor to the playlist. Rankin’s vocals, which alternate from pure and gently-lilting, to bluesy and insistent, never fail to inspire and move. Rankin’s interpretations of Bonnie Raitt are consistently audience favorites.  Rankin’s mandolin adds drive and brightens the overall feel of the group, just as it brightens the perspective of any listeners within earshot. 

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